Finvoice has been able to modernize and automate our entire onboarding process. Converting our old method to fully electronic has definitely increased our efficiency and response. What was once at best a 24 hour process is now a 20 minute process. They customized a solution that is perfectly suited to SevenOaks as opposed to us having to conform to their system. Any questions or issues are promptly addressed.

Jeff Foil

President SevenOaks Capital Associates, LLC

We were looking to streamline our processes and increase efficiencies in our underwriting. We partnered with Finvoice to help us achieve this goal, the implementation went smooth and our application and underwriting processes have been streamlined. We are also excited about the new features that they have in the pipeline.

The Hedaya Capital Group, Inc.

We have leveraged significantly [...the live bank view feature] in monitoring our smaller clients to manage any redirection of payments as well as monitor the MCA element that has been impacting these smaller businesses. We specifically averted two issues with regard to clients that obtained one of these MCA loans and were able to take appropriate action to protect ourselves and position our clients for quick resolution. Thank you for the continued support and responsiveness with your platform.

Tracy Eden

Managing Director, The Commercial Finance Group

Finvoice allows existing factors and lenders to turn into a Fintech in 30 days. I've seen it improve online origination and increase factoring application conversion by 20% at one of our clients.

David Rains

President, Commercial Finance Consultants

Board Member, American Factoring Association